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Hi, I'm Alan


Dog page

I'm teaching my dogs to do agility. I'm using " clicker training " which makes training really easy and fun. I also make my dogs own food because of the poor quality of ingredients in commercial dog food.

Day trading and short-term trading page

I'm buying and selling stocks short term (holding them from less than a day to a few months)

Computer Stuff

Computers are so fun!

Rehab page

I'm rehabing an old 3-plex


Other Links


Search Engines


My own personal news site



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Here's a cool java technical analysis stock charting program you can run from your browser.

MetaStock for Java 2.0

MetaStock help
Ask Jeeves A really neat new search engine. Wanna find an alien?
CNBC Business & The Wall Street Journal. Front Page Yahoo!  
Bloomberg Business TV live video    


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Last revised: July 02, 1999